Is it worth the risk ?

I watched a colt dart about the periphery of a fence. I was enticed in the magic of this paragon of beauty. “Bullet” had an exquisite albino-white coat. I could sense something was amiss, as if he was trying to unfetter himself from the restricted area he was enclosed in. Almost instantly, his limbs stopped moving in the initial unparalleled symphony, and he started to buck. You would not want a horse to buck when you’re riding it (gulps). Yes, a horse could be very vulnerable to external stressors and get spooked within the blink of an eye. What might appear as an elegant beginning might immediately transition into a grotesque end..with crippled, fragmentary and cracked parts of you.

When I describe horses, it’s typical of me to talk about pulchritude and magnificence. However, when my parents talk about horses they describe a 2200 pounds treacherous beast. In this cruel existence (not in its actuality, just meant for emphasis), I often look up to these 2200 pounds treacherous beasts to restore long lost archaic companionships. I would not deny that horses ARE dangerous creatures. By dangerous I mean that horses can kick, shove, stomp, shy, buck, and bolt. The repercussions could be tissue injuries (bruises, abrasions, lacerations), fractures, or blows that result in concussions. It could also be a short encounter with the grim reaper (gesturing towards an open grave). Let me get you a bit more circumspect about your horse here… in Australia there are an estimated  20 deaths from horse-related injury every year. Compare this with an average of approximately 1.7 deaths from shark attack. Thus, every time a beachgoer swims in shark-infested waters, there is a risk that they are exposed to sharks. Likewise, every time a rider tightens his saddle, and holds his reigns to mount his horse, there is a high possibility of him falling off. These events cannot be predicted. They occur in the moment. But, there is another dimension to this. Horses are flight animals. Evolution had beautifully incarnated some prey creatures and equipped them with a fight or flight response. So, if your horse would sense the slightest form of threat, HE WILL FLEE FROM THEE. The creature, in most cases, is trying to stay alive. After all, it is of paramount importance to understand that one cannot overcome the basic instincts of this creature via training. These instincts are deeply rooted in the strands of its DNA. It IS an animal.

I repeat it IS an ANIMAL.

Now, the question : Is it worth the risk ?

I’d say, ride a horse and come back to me,

for you might return as a mere slave of its beauty. (let’s hope you return, make sure the saddle’s tight)

I’d conclude with one of my favorite quotes :

“You are a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust, riding a rock floating through space. Fear nothing.”

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